IdeateLABS is an interactive non-profit think tank that provides real time solutions to clients and partners .It’s an idea generator to policymakers, practitioners, research institutions, and stakeholders.  We use real intelligence, in real time to develop and visualize policy solutions to effectively communicate solutions to policymakers. We  measure the impact of policy, investments, and business development to deliver a real time analysis to clients.

Our Work

We develop actionable policy recommendations, translate data and research; draft language and messaging; engage in strategic planning to implement policy. We also offer unique Policy Portals to interface with decision makers and staff. Our publications range from one-page fact sheets to comprehensive, in-depth reports. 

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary board members includes experts in finance, political science, environmental resources, and communications. 

Assessment Tools

Impact briefs, policy analysis, and community polling.

Providing real time data and analysis to decision makers​

Developing policy solutions connected to investments​

Connecting communities to decision makers​.

Assessing impact of business investments in policy change and community.

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